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High as a Mafk

JackEL, JAYKŲ & Steezy Wundr


Las Vegas, Denver, and Edmonton club DJs and producers JackEL, JAYKØ, and Steezy Wundr have joined forces to get you High as a Mafk. With a special appearance by Kool & The Gang/Dazz Band front man/horn man Skip Martin.

This piece of house music provides the perfect soundtrack for a wide variety of activities, some of which do not involve smoking copious amounts of ganja. It's a solid dance track whether you're high on drugs or not.

You do not need to hot-box your car to listen to this track in your car.

Listen, we get it, it seems appropriate. But it's not necessary to enjoy this piece of music. And in many states, that would illegal. We do not endorse breaking the law when listening to High as a Mafk.

  1. High as a Mafk (Original Mix)