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Jerome Robins vs Melleefresh


Mamita is a total Summer banger.

This solid work of Moroderesque tech house originated at Play Deep Studios in London, England.

During one of their production sessions at Play Deep School, techno duo NHB developed the pure disco elements of the track, while Melleefresh laid down her sexy Spanish-language vocals.

Mamita then passed into the hands of Canadian producer/dj Jerome Robins who brought it all together and pushed it over the top into the hard-hitting, dancefloor-loving track you hear.

Mamita bears some similarities to the recent works of Offaiah, Martin Ikin, Eli Brown, and Fisher.

But for Melleefresh, who roamed the NYC disco scene of the late 70s and early 80s in her youth, Mamita is also a touchstone: "It captures a memorable moment in the disco revolution, with a 2020 vibe."

  1. Mamita (Original Mix)