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Various Artists


Our second annual New Year’s Eve release following on the success of our 2017 collection, this is a supah-fine compilation of dance tracks featuring new music from Saladin and new-to-the-label tracks from Melleefresh, Gettoblaster, Lewo and BBK.

#NYE2018 includes some of the best tracks that Play Records released this year - Let It Go feat. Christina Novelli, My Only Sin and Breathless as well as timeless classics from Billy Newton-Davis, Alex G, D-Unity & Jerome Robins, and deadmau5.

So press PLAY and hit the dance floor as we ring in the new year in 3, 2, 1...

  1. Sex By The Fire (Original Mix)
  2. Breathless (Original Mix)
  3. Promised Land (David Jones Remix)
  4. Oligarchy (Original Mix)
  5. Dead Orbit (Original Mix)
  6. Back To Werq (feat. Corey Andrew) (Original Mix)
  7. Tomorrow (feat. Kendal Thompson) (Pat Danger Remix)
  8. Excuse My French (Scandall 'n Ros Remix)
  9. Twenty Below (Original Mix)
  10. Crush (Original Mix)
  11. That's How It Feels (Original Mix)
  12. Let It Go (ft. Christina Novelli) (Original Mix)
  13. I Need To Know (Original Mix)
  14. Disco Bunnee (Bitchin' Camaro, Paul Anthony Remix)
  15. This Noise (Deeper Logic Mix)
  16. My Only Sin (Original Mix)
  17. Damelo (DJ PP Remix)
  18. O'Sarracino (feat. Renato Carosone) (Original Mix)