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Reflections EP


Exclusive Release: Nov 22, 2019

San Francisco's Wolvero is back with a massive dose of house, future house, electro house, and tech house tracks that push him beyond his comfort zone.

Pulling inspiration from such artists as Dustycloud, Drezo, and Matroda, Reflections EP finds Wolvero diving deeper into sound design and composition than ever before. He explains, "I was able to try out several sub-genres of house that I hadn't yet had the chance to explore."

The production work here is robust and refreshing, from the luxurious embrace of Dancing to the uplifting trills of Emotion to the funky driving bass of Think I Don't. This is a bangin' cross-section of an artist in his element.

Wolvero tips his hat to American EDM producer Kill The Noise with self-made artwork, an homage to KTN's 2015 release Occult Classic.

  1. Downtown (Original Mix)
  2. Dancing (Original Mix)
  3. Emotion (Original Mix)
  4. Think I Don't (Original Mix)