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Glitch Hop

Glitch hop is a sub-genre of glitch that fuses hip hop elements. While it does not necessarily include rap, it fuses funky hip hop beats with glitchy effects and techniques such as beat repeaters, sweeps cutting, skipping, repeating, chopping and bit crush reduction.

SpekrFreks, Melleefresh
Steampunk (Original Mix)
SpekrFreks, Melleefresh
Introsteam (Original Mix)
SpekrFreks, Melleefresh, John Henry Nyenhuis
Not Quite Of The Times (SpekrFreks Remix)
Spekrfreks, Melleefresh
Mannequin Swing (Original Mix)
Spekrfreks, Melleefresh, John Henry Nyenhuis
Koochie Koo (SpekrFreks Remix)
Spekrfreks, Melleefresh, John Henry Nyenhuis
Pearly Gates (SpekrFreks Remix)
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Afterhours (Spekrfreks Remix)