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In the key of C maj / International record label for house, electronic & dance music

In the key of C maj

Kenneth Thomas
Hope (Original Mix)
Alain Ducroix & Daniele Quatrini
Be Free (Radio Edit)
Outwork vs DJ Frisco & Marcos Peón
Friky Snake (Original Mix)
Melleefresh vs Gettoblaster
Sex By The Fire (Original Mix)
Melleny Melody & the Syncopated Symphonies of John Henry Nyenhuis
Hi Ho The Christmas Song (Original Mix)
Friends & Lovers & Family
Fairy Merry (Original Mix)
Billy Newton-Davis, Rusty McCarthy
Santa Is Sure To Knock (Original Mix)
Melleefresh, Billy Newton-Davis, Clive Smith & Spydabrown
It's Christmas in Australia and I Am Upside Down (Original Mix)
Melleefresh, John Henry Nyenhuis
Pearly Gates (Original Mix)
Melleefresh & Dirty 30
Secrets (Original Mix)
Billy Newton-Davis vs Spekrfreks
Love (Original Mix)
Carlos Barbosa & Artistic Raw
As We Drop (Original Mix)
Wesley Gauthier & Marty Madsen
Nature Of Forces (Original Mix)