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Carlos Barbosa, Fresh & Funky ft. VR


Carlos Barbosa known for a diverse fingerprint sound hits home with this one. The new release "MEN" a collaboration between him and the guys from Fresh & Funky, it truly sounds and feels like a floor controller.

After a huge support list on our previous Carlos Barbosa releases we now target for more support. If you need to impress your crowd, staff or promoter and you don't know which record to put onPLAY this record and instantly watch the club venue , festival or any other big platform turn into a inferno.

Carlos Barbosa rediscovered a fresh lane within the EDM horizon, and we strongly advise all to not sleep on this release. "MEN" feat. VR a fresh and talented singer with roots in the Dutch hip hop scene, blessed the production with outstanding finesse. Smooth sounding vocals on top of electro dutch chords make this banger a must have for any EDM selector/DJ.

  1. Men (Original Mix)
  2. Men (Dub Mix)
  3. Men (Instrumental Mix)