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My Lovin

Dog n Hoss


Canadian producer duo Dog n Hoss deliver three tech-house-meets-bass-house bangers on their debut Play release, My Lovin.

Veering from the fun and bouncy title track to the grittiness of 2 Step and the epic drive of Future Past, Dog n Hoss have crafted an integral collection to add to their oeuvre.

"We specifically chose vocal samples to help invoke a classic house vibe," says Dog n Hoss. Not to mention the sound of a certain vehicular time machine at the end of Future Past.

In a word, awesome.

  1. My Lovin (Original Mix)
  2. 2 Step (Original Mix)
  3. Future Past (Original Mix)
  4. My Lovin (Instrumental)
  5. Future Past (Instrumental)
  6. My Lovin (Radio Edit)
  7. 2 Step (Radio Edit)
  8. Future Past (Radio Edit)