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Dem Jeans



American producer DVRKO fuses elements of house, tech house, and electro pop on his Play debut, the catchy club banger Dem Jeans.

"I'm always working to create new sounds - something to keep me up at night," says DVRKO, the latest alias of Grammy Award-winning producer Jared Lee Gosselin. "Dem Jeans is the first of a new sound I've been developing."

A cover of Ginuwine's 2003 R&B hit In Those Jeans, Dem Jeans is a fusion not only in its sound but in its production as well, with DVRKO employing a hybrid of Pro Tools and Ableton in his workflow, as well as an assortment of Moog's, API processors, and reverb modules. "Along with lots of guitar pedals," he adds.

A punchy party anthem as radio-friendly as it is club-friendly.

  1. Dem Jeans (Original Mix)