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Releasing: Jun 18, 2021

UK producer Hectic makes his Play debut with Silk, a 4-track EP of hypnotic house and techno bangers.

"All four of these tracks are built around the same concept," explains Hectic. "Four or five different layers of sound to create a constantly changing vibe."

Having collected an array of new synths and drum machines over the past year, Hectic puts them to good use on Silk. "I used the Arturia Minibrute 2S a lot on Distant World and Love You."

Inspired by Flying Lotus' approach to hip hop and breaks, Hectic applies a similar technique to dance music, creating a melodic and impactful fusion of analog and digital.

  1. Love You (Original Mix)
  2. Silk (Original Mix)
  3. Distant World (Original Mix)
  4. Blue Shell (Original Mix)