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Hotknife vs Mister Tee


Scotland's Hotknife vs Mister Tee deliver future-retro electro soul for the masses on their debut single, Magical.

"I find it impossible not to mix genres together," says producer Hotknife, "and Magical is no exception. It’s a mix of house, disco, hands-in-the-air piano and acid 303 lines all delivered with a killer vocal from Mister Tee."

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Marshall Jefferson and Nile Rodgers, Hotknife and Mister Tee have paired Magical with an absolutely wicked B-side, the disco house I Want You To Know. It's an electronic love child of Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Rick James, and Herbie Hancock.

Hotknife and Mister Tee are just getting started and we can't wait to hear what they come up with next! In the meantime, set this release to repeat.

  1. Magical (Original Mix)
  2. Magical (Extended Mix)
  3. I Want You To Know (Original Mix)
  4. I Want You To Know (Instrumental)