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Feel Alright, Remixed

Kardano & Billy Newton-Davis


Feel Alright, Remixed breathes new life into Kardano's and Billy Newton-Davis' feel-good house banger, the third of eight remix packs in the Art of Tones, Remixed project.

This release brings together remixes from Melleefresh (Canada), DJRodryk (Spain), Hectic (UK), Deep Rooted Tree (South Korea), Villanueva (USA), and Quitenite (USA), in genres ranging from electro and deep house to hip-hop and indie dance.

A great collection of positive vibes.

  1. Feel Alright (Melleefresh Remix)
  2. Feel Alright (DjRodryk Remix)
  3. Feel Alright (Hectic Remix)
  4. Feel Alright (Deep Rooted Tree Remix)
  5. Feel Alright (Villanueva Remix)
  6. Feel Alright (Quitenite Remix)
  7. Feel Alright (Extended Mix)