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DJ Play Those Records, Remixed

Kardano & Dtaborah


The first of eight remix packs off the album Art of Tones, DJ Play Those Records, Remixed features 4 remixes of the original house banger from Kardano and Dtaborah.

Canadian producer Jason Hersco flavours the track with his signature deep house sound; Romania's nu IDea makes his label debut with his house rework of the original; and American producer Quitenite delivers an electro pop remix that brings out an 1980s synth-pop vibe. Closing out the remixes is Korean producer Deep Rooted Tree with a late night hip-hop/trap remix.

The Art of Tones, Remixed series continues in October, culminating in a massive compilation next year.

  1. DJ Play Those Records (Jason Hersco Remix)
  2. DJ Play Those Records (nu IDea Remix)
  3. DJ Play Those Records (Quitenite Remix)
  4. DJ Play Those Records (Deep Rooted Tree Remix)
  5. DJ Play Those Records (Extended Mix)