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Cold Fire, Remixed

Kardano & Kor


Cold Fire, Remixed is the sixth of eight remixes packs from Kardano's 2022 album Art of Tones, featuring the soulful vocals of Canadian rapper Kor.

Fellow Vancouverite Will Sea kicks off the collection with a dazzling house remix. NYC's Ghettomelodic Music impress with an indie dance remix as does South Korea's Deep Rooted Tree. Romania's nu IDea closes out the remixes with his electro pop take on the track.

If you're looking for smooth and groovy, look no further.

  1. Cold Fire (Will Sea Remix)
  2. Cold Fire (Ghettomelodic Music Remix)
  3. Cold Fire (Deep Rooted Tree Remix)
  4. Cold Fire (nu IDea Remix)
  5. Cold Fire (Instrumental)
  6. Cold Fire (Will Sea Remix Radio Edit)