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Secrets LP

Melleefresh & Dirty 30


This album is one mad, inspired, out-there and solitary artifact of free floating astrobelt funky junk. Hard to be believe this weird and wild project launched the careers of Azari & III, deadmau5 and Melleefresh, but have a listen and its clear where all those future elements felt around for their solid footing.

  1. Frenchie (Original Mix)
  2. Melleefresh & Dirty 30 vs Scandalis - The Money (Original Mix)
  3. Beautiful, Rich & Horny (Original Mix)
  4. Want Some Candy (Original Mix)
  5. Riders On The Porn (Original Mix)
  6. Secrets (Original Mix)
  7. Melleefresh vs Dirty 30 - Sex Slave (Original Mix)
  8. Horny Phone Calls (Original Mix)
  9. You're My Boyfriend (Original Mix)
  10. You're My Bitch (Original Mix)
  11. Too Dangerous (Original Mix)
  12. Beautiful, Rich & Horny (deadmau5 Remix)
  13. Beautiful, Rich & Horny (deadmau5 Club Remix)
  14. All Good Gurlies (Original Mix)