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Better Off Alone

Melleefresh & dj genderfluid


Melleefresh and dj genderfluid return for some sweet, sexy Europop action in their cover of late 90s dancefloor classic Better Off Alone.

"I was inspired to reconstruct this classic as a part of my Eurodance experiments," explains producer dj genderfluid. "With Melleefresh as a vocalist, it became the perfect sequel to my remix of Bitches 'n' Whores."

While staying as true to the iconic original as possible, Mellee and genderfluid still make it their own, walking the line between Eurodance and trance.

"When we tested the mix on my car stereo, it was 3 in the morning, no traffic," remembers Melleefresh. "We jumped out of the car and started dancing in the middle of the street, in the snow!"

An undeniable dance floor-friendly track from two artists who will meet you there on the dance floor.

  1. Better Off Alone (Original Mix)
  2. Better Off Alone (Radio Edit)