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Hey Baby Redux



Melleefresh puts a new, contemporary spin on her classic electro house banger with Hey Baby Redux.

The original Hey Baby was a breakthrough hit for Melleefresh and collaborator deadmau5 when it was first released on Beatport in 2006. Remade from the ground up, Hey Baby Redux is as fearless and provocative as its predecessor.

Included with the original mix and radio edit are three remixes culled from Label Radar - two progressive house remixes from Russia's Alex Hart and Canada's Digital Dub Fire and a bass house remix from Germany's Whitehats.

A solid collection for club play.

  1. Hey Baby Redux (Original Mix)
  2. Hey Baby Redux (Alex Hart Remix)
  3. Hey Baby Redux (Whitehats Remix)
  4. Hey Baby Redux (Digital Dub Fire Remix)
  5. Hey Baby Redux (Radio Edit)