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Sleazy Bitch

Melleefresh vs HouseAmigo DJs


A collective of two internationally recognized Finnish DJs/producers, Sami Kilveri and Sakke Haaranen hook up with the provocative diva Melleefresh for some of her original dirty lyrics and mellifluous tones. The result is a pounding dirty electro track along with remixes by Swedens PerQX - head of East Londons Dalston Gay Mafia Party Crew. His high energy face melting filthy techno makes Melleefresh sound like a cheeky transgender Melleebitch. 3 automatic dance floor bangers!

  1. Sleazy Bitch (Original Mix)
  2. Sleazy Bitch (Per Qx Remix)
  3. Sleazy Bitch (Per Qx Dub Remix)