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Vibez's Element

Project Vibez


Vibez's Element is the latest release from Guatemalan producer Project Vibez, an 8-track album of melodic, afro, and deep house bangers from the heart of the Central American jungle.

"I was more experimental with my drums on this than I was on Talega," he says, referring to his 2020 EP Talega Tech Beats. "I worked to create tracks that tell a story, rather than straight-forward dance tracks."

Citing such influences as Black Coffee, Mose, and Ali Kuru, Vibez admits, "I really saw myself being influenced by a lot of the tribal elements in their works."

Vibez's Element is a captivating collection of expressive music to put you in a natural vibe.

  1. Abnormal (Original Mix)
  2. Perspective (Original Mix)
  3. Inner Realm (Original Mix)
  4. Unknown (Original Mix)
  5. Deep Lovin' (Original Mix)
  6. Tight Spaces (Original Mix)
  7. Lunar Eclipse (Original Mix)
  8. On Da Beat (Original Mix)