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She's a Nobody: Remixes

R.oK ft. Isis Salam


Hot on the heels of its single release two weeks ago comes this collection of hot bangin' house remixes of R.oK's She's a Nobody.

Ireland's Never More kicks it off with a tense tech house adaptation relying heavily on the original's piano loop. Merseyside's Banju gives it a more traditional treatment with his bouncy remix. VagueEightysix takes us on a downtempo turn on his beautifully chill remix, reminiscent of early 90s after hours acid jazz. Vancouver's Kardano picks up the pace again, creating a perfect party anthem. R.oK himself closes out the collection with his Cafe Del Ya Ma Mix, a keen loungy house reproduction of the classic Cafe Del Mar sound.

Through it all, Isis Salam's attitude-rich vocals ties them all together. In terms of variance between remixes, this is one of the most eclectic collections we've assembled.

  1. She's a Nobody (Never More Remix)
  2. She's a Nobody (Banju's Deep Remix)
  3. She's a Nobody (VagueEightysix Remix)
  4. She's a Nobody (Kardano Remix)
  5. She's a Nobody (R.oK's Cafe Del Ya Ma Mix)
  6. She's a Nobody (Original Mix)