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The Blacklist

Tech Us Out


The debut album from US/UK duo Tech Us Out, The Blacklist is a solid collection of progressive tech house bangers.

"We are both huge fans of The Blacklist," admits Tech Us Out's Joe Cozzo, referring to the TV series starring James Spader. "And at the time we were working on this album, the last season of the show was airing."

As an homage, Cozzo and his TUO partner Chris Khoas named the ten tracks produced during these sessions after villains from the TV series. "It was basically a naming convention," says Chaos, "but the fiercer tracks are named after the fiercer criminals."

Since first forming Tech Us Out three years ago, Cozzo and Khaos have refined their sound. "From a more commercial vibe to a more progressive, melodic techno/tech house vibe," says Cozzo.

The perfect sounds for any tech house DJ set, underground club, or late night dance floor.

  1. Tech Us Out ft. Brueland - Reddington (Original Mix)
  2. The Stew Maker (Original Mix)
  3. The Director (Original Mix)
  4. The Pharmacist (Original Mix)
  5. The Architect (Original Mix)
  6. The Mechanic (Original Mix)
  7. The Undertaker (Original Mix)
  8. Berlin (Original Mix)
  9. Rustova (Original Mix)
  10. Rakitin (Original Mix)