Play Records / Play Records 20th Anniversary 1996 - 2016: Tuube I

Play Records 20th Anniversary 1996 - 2016: Tuube I / International record label for house, electronic & dance music

Play Records 20th Anniversary 1996 - 2016: Tuube I



We have the collaborative efforts of producer Noah Frank and vocalist/songwriter Syreeta Neal to thank for this album as Tuube is truly seductively sexy, refreshingly alluring and stylistically innovative. It’s a great time for R&B music in Canada, especially for the underground scene. Tuube has left no stone uncovered in its production and is sure to be the perfect ambiance setter to a late night. From the onset it is reminiscent of the Brand New Heavies acid jazz/R&B sound of the early ’90s but having said that, Tuube’s vocals and stellar instrumentals are as prophetically uplifting and blissfully assembled as any Heavies record and beyond. There is nothing more satisfying than listening to an album that has not only a sustainable groove throughout but also musically speaking, contains dynamic chord shifts and magnetic melodies. It’s essential that real music lovers don’t believe the hype as there is so much more to a record than a recognisable name. From the first song through to the last, the sheer quality of Tuube will resonate epitomising what it means to 'keep it real” on a musical tip.

  1. Intro (Original Mix)
  2. Crash (Original Mix)
  3. FlyAway (Original Mix)
  4. Fine Now (Original Mix)
  5. Red Tone (Original Mix)