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Ibiza 2022

Various Artists


Ibiza 2022 is your perfect Summer companion, featuring new works from artists in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, and Bulgaria.

Kicking off the comp is Dutch producer Jaap Ligthart's indie/underground dance cover of Faxing Berlin. Following the evocative and ethereal tone it sets are Canadian producer Fazari's deep house track Benzino and American producer Casey Austin's minimalist house work Limestone Passing.

Delivering more of their signature tech house sound is American production duo Tech Us Out, with their banger The Chase. Japanese producer Foomie marks his second release with the playful house track Devil Extermination.

Making their Play debuts are UK producer Zepplar with his house banger Closer, Bulgrian producer Frenzy Jones with 3 house mixes of Chick In A Row, and Canadian producer Summitt Rouss with the electro house track Flip The Bit.

And Play's head honcho gives us 2 remixes - a techno mix of her own 2009 chart-topper White, Trashy & Blonde and a trance remix of 303 Dreams' Airwave (itself a cover of Rank 1's smash success.)

  1. Jaap Ligthart - Faxing Berlin (Original Mix)
  2. Fazari - Benzino (Original Mix)
  3. Tech Us Out - The Chase (Original Mix)
  4. Melleefresh - White, Trashy & Blonde (Melleefresh Techno Remix)
  5. Casey Austin - Limestone Passing (Original Mix)
  6. Foomie - Devil Extermination (Original Mix)
  7. Frenzy Jones - Chick In A Row (Original Mix)
  8. Zepplar - Closer (Original Mix)
  9. Summitt Rouss - Flip The Bit (Original Mix)
  10. 303 Dreams - Airwave (Melleefresh Remix)
  11. Project Vibez - Deep Lovin' (Original Mix)
  12. Korqi - Stuck On You (Original Mix)
  13. Billy Newton-Davis & Kardano - Old School (Original Mix)
  14. Cristian Avigni & Raffaele Caporale - Friendly Fire (Original Mix)
  15. KONNECT - Losing Control (Extended Mix)
  16. Banju - We Got A Love (Original Mix)
  17. Robiko - See This World (Original Mix)
  18. Sara Simms & Melleefresh - Kreator (Original Mix)
  19. Fyoomz - Splinter in Your Mind (Original Mix)
  20. Lodos - Animarum (Original Mix)
  21. Frenzy Jones - Chick In A Row (Club Mix)
  22. Frenzy Jones - Chick In A Row (Frenzy's Revision)