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New Year's Eve 2019

Various Artists


With 11 new or unreleased tracks, our annual New Year's Eve compilation bridges the years with a selection of the finest releases of 2018 and a preview of what's in store for 2019.

Kicking off the compilation is the frenetic deadmau5 track Shift. Originally appearing on a sampler CD in 2005, this electro house track makes for a great intro to any DJ mix.

We've got a bunch of awesome new dance and house works that use vocal tracks to perfection; among them are Magical from Glasgow's Hotknife vs Mister Tee, Timeless from London's Richard Harrington ft. ENV, and Let Her Go from London's Sweet LA. Watch for the singles of each of these in 2019.

After having one of his own tracks remixed by Toronto's Fergal Freeman, Belgrade's K1C3V5K1 returns the favor with a remix of Freeman's My House Is Your House.

Making their label debut on this compilation are Italy's Alessandro Piccolo with his classic house track Mix and Mexico's CHMI with the Latin house Damn! (from his forthcoming America EP.)

It Helps Me from Dublin's Axel Knox and RobbieG was one of our most successful releases of the year. And Axel Knox returns in this compilation with the sublime house track Feelin' Me.

We go late night in the final third of the compilation with two new tech house tracks, Trip In Bangkok from Luxembourg's Julien Scalzo and Acid or Techno from Belfast's Iscream. And last but not least, the deep house extended mix of Fantasy from Paris' Rith Banney gives a taste of what's to come in our Winter 2019 releases.

Spread amongst these 11 new tracks are some of the finest works from our catalogue, including tracks by Melleefresh, SpekrFreks, Benny Camaro, Saladin, Christina Novelli, Michael Murica, Matt Aubrey, DJ Oleg Skipper, Stifano, Jerome Robins, Bigtopo, Omar Diaz, DJ Geri, The Sloppy 5th's, and Dezza.

Happy New Year!

  1. deadmau5 - Shift (Original Mix)
  2. Melleefresh vs SpekrFreks - Drift (Original Mix)
  3. Hotknife vs Mister Tee - Magical (Original Mix)
  4. Benny Camaro - Exactly (Original Mix)
  5. Richard Harrington ft. Env Vox - Timeless (Original Mix)
  6. Saladin ft. Christina Novelli - Let It Go (Club Mix)
  7. Fergal Freeman - My House Is Your House (K1C3V5K1 R3M1X)
  8. Michael Murica ft. Matt Aubrey - Static Anthem (Lucius Lowe Radio Edit)
  9. Sweet LA - Let You Go (Original Mix)
  10. Dj Oleg Skipper - My Party on the Dance Floor (Radio Edit)
  11. Alessandro Piccolo - Mix (Original Mix)
  12. CHMI - Damn! (Original Mix)
  13. Stifano - Baby Baby (Original Mix)
  14. Axel Knox - Feelin' Me (Original Mix)
  15. Melleefresh & Jerome Robins - White Horse (Original Mix)
  16. Julien Scalzo - Trip In Bangkok (Original Mix)
  17. Bigtopo & Omar Diaz vs DJ Geri - Keep The Bass (Original Mix)
  18. Iscream - Acid or Techno (Original Mix)
  19. The Sloppy 5th's - Defend Belgium (Original Mix)
  20. Rith Banney - Fantasy (Extended Mix)
  21. Dezza - One Day (Original Mix)