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Play at ADE 2023

Various Artists


Play at ADE 2023, our annual collection of music for the Amsterdam Dance Event, drops the first week of October with a plethora of artists new to the Play Records family.

Techno and tech house feature prominently on our 2023 edition, with new/unreleased works by Cynthia Laclé (Netherlands), Robbie P (UK), Sean Bartley (USA), DJ CJL (China), Seven Cubes (Poland), Tweaken (Belgium), Fede Key & Alex Gaart (Italy), SIGMA7 (Canada), Max King (UK), Moureck (Colombia), Stereoimagery (Canada), and deadmau5 (Canada).

Balancing out the tech is a smorgasbord of house, UK garage, progressive, dubstep, bass house, and big room bangers from ACT Music Producer (Brazil), Elegant Producer (Brazil), Daniel Distinkt (UK), Hectic (UK), KuntyBeatz (Canada), Turbo-D (Germany), Bisonn (USA), Bismu & Godar (Poland), Melleefresh (Canada), and Silence of the People (Russia).

A solid collection for the Amsterdam scene.

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha.

  1. Cynthia Laclé - Solid State (Original Mix)
  2. Robbie P (UK) - Tell Me (Original Mix)
  3. Sean Bartley - Night and Soul (Original Mix)
  4. DJ CJL - Media Player (Original Mix)
  5. ACT Music Producer - My Hiss (Original Mix)
  6. Elegant Producer - EleGround (Original Mix)
  7. Daniel Distinkt - Move Like This (Original Mix)
  8. SIGMA7 - Fever (Original Mix)
  9. Hectic - Footprints (Original Mix)
  10. Seven Cubes - Galactic Distance (Original Mix)
  11. KuntyBeatz - OverDrive (Original Mix)
  12. Turbo-D - Busted (Original Mix)
  13. Bisonn - Thirsty (Original Mix)
  14. Bismu & Godar - Don't Tell Me (Original Mix)
  15. Robbie P (UK) - Generations (Original Mix)
  16. Seven Cubes - Lights Over Berlin (Original Mix)
  17. Tweaken - Mesa (Original Mix)
  18. Fede Key & Alex Gaart - Coconut Beat (Original Mix)
  19. SIGMA7 - Harmony (Original Mix)
  20. Max King - Tengengo (Original Mix)
  21. Moureck - Dance (Original Mix)
  22. Stereoimagery - Disco Ride (Original Mix)
  23. Melleefresh - Hey Baby Redux (Seven Cubes Remix)
  24. deadmau5 - People Are Still Having Sex (Original Mix)
  25. Silence of the People - Agent Green (Original Mix)