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What If? (Remixes)

Vita Chambers


Play Records is thrilled to introduce you to Canadian Teen Fave Pop Artist of the Year 2013, Vita Chambers! We convinced her it was time to get down, dirty and underground on some new remixes of her hit single “What If!"

First we hooked her up to the UK’s shocking new artist Defibrillator, bringing the track to life with a brand new Electro mix that is guaranteed to have you bouncing outta’ yer seat and shoutin’ “CLEAR!" Next up are American glitch hop sweethearts the Spekrefreks who respond with a GlitchHop trippy melodic mix of “What If.” The track’s powerful message about falling in blends seamlessly with Vita’s plea for equality, resulting in the perfect anthem for World Pride 2014. Fasten yer seatbelts and stay tuned for a live performance of both these killer mixes and some serious eargasm!

  1. What If? (Spekrfreks Remix)
  2. What If? (Defibrillator Club Edit)