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Released May 24/2012
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Hey Baby 2012
Released Apr 26/2012
Various Artists
Best Of Electro Vol. 3
Released Mar 27/2012
Melleefresh vs Spekrfreks
Released Mar 13/2012
Melleefresh vs NHB
Released Feb 14/2012
Melleefresh & Spekrfreks
Bakers Dozen
Released Feb 7/2012
Starkillers & Dmitry KO
Disco Fans
Released Jan 24/2012
Melleefresh vs Spekrfreks
Chicken & Champagne
Released Dec 29/2011
Various Artists
Mix-Mas 2011
Released Dec 20/2011
Carlos Barbosa
Night & Day
Released Dec 13/2011
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
At Play
Released Oct 18/2011
Released Oct 11/2011
Billy Newton-Davis
At Play
Released Sep 15/2011
Released Aug 23/2011
Released Jul 19/2011
Melleefresh vs Spekrfreks
Released Jul 5/2011
Various Artists
Best Of Electro Vol. 2
Released May 24/2011
Billy Newton-Davis
Promised Land
Released Apr 19/2011
Melleefresh vs Spekrfreks
Valentine Beatz
Released Feb 14/2011
Various Artists
Dirt Hott Vol. 2
Released Feb 8/2011
Carlos Barbosa
All Over Me
Released Jan 25/2011
Various Artists
Mix-Mas 2010
Released Dec 10/2010
Released Nov 9/2010
Decoding Jesus & David Christophere vs Melleefresh & Keoki
Released Sep 28/2010
Various Artists
Best Of Electro Vol. 1
Released Sep 7/2010
D.J Generous
Wonder Why
Released Aug 31/2010
Released Aug 6/2010
Released Jul 13/2010
Spekrfreks vs Billy Newton-Davis
Back It Up
Released Jun 22/2010
Released Jun 22/2010
Carlos Barbosa & Artistic Raw
As We Drop
Released May 11/2010
Released Apr 30/2010
Released Apr 30/2010
Spekrfreks vs Melleefresh & Billy Newton-Davis
Released Apr 4/2010
Evol EP
Released Mar 17/2010
Released Mar 12/2010
Melleefresh vs Cajjmere Wray
Released Mar 4/2010
Released Feb 25/2010
Melleefresh vs deadmau5
Sex Slave Melleefresh vs 13 DJs
Released Feb 14/2010
Released Jan 6/2010
Melleefresh vs CyberSutra
White Trashy & Blonde The Remixes
Released Dec 21/2009
Released Dec 1/2009
Melleefresh vs HouseAmigo DJs
Sleazy Bitch
Released Nov 26/2009
Dirty Retro ft. Justin Fry
Released Nov 18/2009
Danny Jay
Released Nov 12/2009
Released Oct 29/2009
Released Oct 12/2009
Vinny Fiore
Am I Too Much?
Released Oct 1/2009